Friday, 28 December 2012

Inspirational Story on Marrage

There was a lady who was disappointed during her weeding day by the man that proposed marriage to her, she got mad about this and cried bitterly on that faithful day.

Luckily for her she got married to another man, and the man was a military man who later became the military governor.

The man that disappointed her later went into military school and graduated as an army, suprisingly the man was made A' de coup of the military governor, anytime the military governor and his wife want to go to any place, the man that disappointed her will be the one to open the car and usher them in and escort them to wherever they are going

Therefore i decree upon your life, Every disappointment shall turn into a blessing for you, the favour of the God shall be with you, you shall be a blessing to your generation, anything you desire in life shall be granted to you

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