Thursday, 28 November 2013

HOW DO I LOOK?!!!! by Joy Ogbonnaya

This is an article written by Joy Ogbonnaya. An Inspirational Writer,Speaker,Social Entrepreneur,Women Leader,God Lover.Passionate about helping and seeing young people become all they were created to be and live their full potentials AGAINST ALL ODDS.....................

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I don't watch a lot of Television but when I do it's either Trinity Broadcasting Network,One Gospel,Channels TV or The Style Network. On The Style Network I particularly like "How Do I Look?",the show that takes a person whose non-existent fashion sense is evident in the shabby way that they dress and transform them into an over the top beauty.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Never accept any end as the end.
To those who just feels like giving up, i hope this little words will inspire you...........
-Never accept any end as the end.
-When the devil or circumstance of life shows you an end turn it to a bend.
-An end gives you a sign to stop, but a bend just signifies, slow down.