Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Building a Rock-solid Relationship

Love is crazy, love is stupid, love is mad, love hurts yet , love is caring , love is understanding, love brings joy, it takes two to love, love is pain and pain is love.
Never go into a relationship that you can't handle
with the strongest storm and tightest schedule. "Remember, "Love is not a game."

If you can't stand women's moodiness and women's questions, don't
Love one. Never Blame a girl or a boy for Loving And Caring you too much..
To build a rock-solid relationship, start by acknowledging rather than ignoring the ordinary moments in your relationship, little things count in every relationship
Spending more times with him or her will help you know him or her well.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The simple truth

Two donkeys were strolling in Jerusalem when one
of them said. "Just yesterday I was passing here
carrying JESUS, and
everyone was singing and I was even stepping on

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

you will love this story so much

A teacher teaching Maths to seven-year-old Arnav asked him, "If I give you
one apple and one apple and one apple, how many apples will you have?
"Within a few seconds Arnav replied confidently, "Four!"
Arnav had seen the disappointment on his teacher's face. He calculated
again on his fingers. But within him he was also searching for the answer
that will make the teacher happy. His search for the answer was not for
the correct one, but the one that will make his teacher happy. This time
hesitatingly he replied, "Four."

The disappointment stayed on the teacher's face. She remembered that
Arnav liked strawberries. She thought maybe he doesn't like apples and
that is making him loose focus. This time with an exaggerated excitement
and twinkling in her eyes she asked, "If I give you one strawberry and one
strawberry and one strawberry, then how many you will have?"