Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Happy women's day

I was walking down the street when I saw a couple of kids running towards a mango tree. I stood for a while and watched, my head turned in anticipation of what this little kids were up to, my eyes keyed in deeply, my feet could barely move not just because I choose not to but because they were also interested too, then my brains calculated and quickly classified these kids into three.
The first set of the struggled amongst themselves to do away with the mangos on the floor most of which (Mangos) were bad, they just didn’t care.
The Second set of kids climbed the tree to get the good ones on top at all cost, the determination in their eyes and the focus they had could melt a mountain of ice form a thousand miles. But unfortunately just like Samson, they were distracted by Delilah’s of the mango tree. They ended up with the mangos that were not so bad, neither were they good (they were just there).