Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Happy women's day

I was walking down the street when I saw a couple of kids running towards a mango tree. I stood for a while and watched, my head turned in anticipation of what this little kids were up to, my eyes keyed in deeply, my feet could barely move not just because I choose not to but because they were also interested too, then my brains calculated and quickly classified these kids into three.
The first set of the struggled amongst themselves to do away with the mangos on the floor most of which (Mangos) were bad, they just didn’t care.
The Second set of kids climbed the tree to get the good ones on top at all cost, the determination in their eyes and the focus they had could melt a mountain of ice form a thousand miles. But unfortunately just like Samson, they were distracted by Delilah’s of the mango tree. They ended up with the mangos that were not so bad, neither were they good (they were just there).

The third set of kids also climbed the tree, just like the second ones did. At this point, the Mangos at the top were already feeling bad about themselves and thoughts like “what is wrong with me” “Do I talk, dress, smell or even look right” and a whole lots of them started creeping into their little minds.
Just then, a couple of kids reached the top of the tree these kids were the ones who were persistent and those who never loosed focus and with a huge smile on their faces they reached for the mangos, you could hear them shout yes, yes I got the best, and the mangos were happy too. At last the wait wasn’t in vain. And then I left

Take the Mangos to be girls and the kids to be boys and take the tree to be God. The first set of girls (mangos) are the ones that attracts boys who I will call irresponsible, they are girls who have so much reduced their self-worth so as to please others all in the name of staying relevant. The second set of mangos are those that were ones destined to be at the top but due to circumstance, most of them join the bad wagons (Delilahs) to deceive some of the boys(kids) so as to get attention. Don’t get me wrong some of these girls (mangos) are good.
The third set of are the ones who deserves an ovation. Not giving in to the demands of the situations at hand, staying up high irrespective of the events on ground, staying strong in faith and maintaing their stand irrespective of the fact that wat seems to be the truth stares them in their face wasn’t a day’s job but yet they waited.

To my girls at the top nothing is wrong with you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You don’t need to fall below standard to attract a man. You just need to be yourselves. Real men are those who will take pain to look for you not those you beg around to fall in love with you, Real men are those who are God fearing and those who will never settle for less. There is no standard that is too high, but you still need to be realistic.
To my girls at the middle and on the ground, you are also beautifully and wonderfully made just like the ones on top. Irrespective of the situations or circumstance that might have brought you down to the ground, you are far much more than broken glass or stained windows. Let your heart be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek God first before they find you. Your duty is to find this woman and bring her forth.

Happy women's Day

Desmond Desyboy.

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