Friday, 21 December 2012

Brave Mother

A young mother had a one-year-old baby. As she was employed as a teacher, a girl was hired to look after the baby during day time.
One evening, as she was approaching her house, she saw fire engines speeding towards her home. She ran to reach her house which was on fire. The girl was crying aloud that the baby was still in the cradle in the burning house. The fire broke out when she had gone out of the house leaving the sleeping baby for a while. As the fire was intense, the girl could not enter the house to rescue the child in time. The fire fighters were trying their best to put out the blaze.

Without waiting for even a moment, the mother rushed into the burning house and reached the cradle. She fought the fire around her with her bare hands. Holding the child close to her chest, she came out of the raging fire. The child had only minor injuries as she was rescued in time. But the mother suffered severe burns. Her hands were badly burnt and she was rushed to the hospital. She recovered after prolonged treatment in intense pain but retained wide white patches and permanent deformities on her hands. But she did not disclose the incident to her daughter even when she grew up to adolescence.

Then, one day the daughter told her mother, "Mommy, your hands are really ugly. I do not want to see them." The mother was shocked. She knew that it was time to reveal everything. She told her daughter, "Yes, my hands look ugly and repulsive. But once they were as beautiful as yours. If I had tried to protect their beauty, you would not have been alive today." She then narrated the whole story.

The daughter was totally upset. She cried and fell down, embracing the feet of her mother. She went on kissing her mother's hand and told in tears, "Mommy, you have the most beautiful hands on earth.

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