Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Inspirational Story of a boy

In one of the bus stations, there was a boy named Randy who sells pencils and always begs. He was not in a good shape and was always absent minded.

One day, a business man was passing by and saw Randy. He approached him and put a dollar in the container . Then the business man continued his journey. Then suddenly, the business man went back to the boy and told him in an apologetic tone that he forgot to pick the pencils up.
Before the business man leave, he said to Randy, “You are a business man just like me. You have goods that you sell with very good prices.”

After several years and in one of the social events, the business man got approached by a young man, who was well dressed. Then the young man said, “You probably don’t know me. I even don’t know your name, but I never forgot you. You are the one who returned my respect and appreciation for me. You made me realize that I’m a worthy human being. I have always thought I’m a beggar who sells pencils until you came and informed me I’m a business man.”
As you saw in the above story, you get affected by the people in your life
All we need is someone who can believe in us 

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