Monday, 10 December 2012

Inspirational story about a girl

The little girl of 5 years, one day ran away from home for fear of being punished.
She had done something that her mother would be settling account with me soon.

So she ran away, believing that she could hide from her mistake.
Afraid to stop, she ran, not knowing where she was going.

She simply ran tired, cold and hungry, she curled up under the abandoned house, overcome by fatigue. She had no idea how long he slept. She only knew that he woke up startled.

A hand was gently brushing her face. It was his mother.
"Its OK, my lovely daughter," she whispered tenderly in her ears. "You ran too much. Now it's time to go back. Lets go home, I LOVE YOU MY ONLY CHILD

No matter how far we run, those who trully love us will always be there for us

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