Thursday, 13 December 2012

find time for your kids

Dearest Daddy
I am writing this letter with the help of mummy ,our
Mam in school taught us how to write a letter and
told us to write one for your relative who live far

away and we meet them after long.

So I am writing this letter to you
I learnt two new poems -One in hindi and one in
English !I finish all my lunch at school !few days
back one of my tooth fell ,mummy told that it
would regrow like the leaves of plant ,So when
your teeth falls don’t be sad it will regrow.

Papa; all of my friends’ parents come together in
annual festival and come to pick them up also after
school ,but for me its always mummy.

Papa -why do you have to stay away from us?
but I know you are a superhero like Superman
because when in class I said “Mam I will write a
letter to my Daddy “,everyone laughed but my
madam asked me where is your father angel? I told
him with heads up (mummy always says so) that
“He is In Army,far away “

My madam told the whole class that my papa was
doing something that other people don’t do
everyone clapped
and on return they asked me about my papa in bus
I love you Papa
Your’s Angel

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