Monday, 6 January 2014


Wao, the day is far gone and the month has just began, when the year 2013 is no more. I could remember clearly as if it was yesterday when we all screamed and shouted happy new year for 2012/2013 and today its 3rd of January 2014 hmmm life. Well to me 2013 in one word was "awesome"

I made new theories, got to know God much better than the previous year, made new friends yes!!!!! new friends, knew the old ones much  more better, I just want to use this platform to say thank you to you all, to those who inspired me, to those who criticized me, to those who prayed for me, to those who cared for me, to those who love me, I LOVE YOU TOO and above all to God because without him i will not be who i am today, because without him i would not have had such wonderful friends like you guys...

God has a tittle on that resolution you made ...... he calls it a year to remember....................
Welcome to a new move titled 2014 written and directed by God and am  your host DESMOND

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