Thursday, 28 November 2013

HOW DO I LOOK?!!!! by Joy Ogbonnaya

This is an article written by Joy Ogbonnaya. An Inspirational Writer,Speaker,Social Entrepreneur,Women Leader,God Lover.Passionate about helping and seeing young people become all they were created to be and live their full potentials AGAINST ALL ODDS.....................

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I don't watch a lot of Television but when I do it's either Trinity Broadcasting Network,One Gospel,Channels TV or The Style Network. On The Style Network I particularly like "How Do I Look?",the show that takes a person whose non-existent fashion sense is evident in the shabby way that they dress and transform them into an over the top beauty.

The transformation process is quite interesting. This drab looking person walks into the show at the start and ask the show host "How Do I Look?" and then she(the host) and her accomplices tries to make the person see how badly she needs a makeover. Then they take her through the process of discarding her old cloths,giving her perspectives to herself that she probably never had before,trying new cloths,getting a celebrity hairstyle and having makeup done and at last,she is ready to ask again,"How Do I Look?" but this time in front of a crowd of audience. The cheers from the crowd and the tears of joy in the eyes of friends and family is a proof that the transformation process was worth it after all.

Is this write-up about TV Channels and programs? Definitely not! However, thinking about "How Do I Look?" makes me think about the transformation process we go through as we spend time in God's word. The amazing thing is,God isn't trying to make us look like an earthly celebrity,He is transforming us into Himself.

With every line,verse,chapter and book of the bible,we are looking more like God,thinking more like God,speaking more like God,behaving more like God;We are being transformed into the same image of God as we see in his word.

It is easy to get carried away with every day life. It is easy to concentrate on looking fab on the outside while allowing the inner man look drab but always remember that the things that can be seen are temporal but the things that cannot be seen are eternal. So keep looking into the mirror of God's word and let it transform you until that last day when face to face with Jesus you ask "How Do I Look?" and with tears of joy in his eyes and cheers from the congregation of the saints and host of heaven He responds"Just Like God Child,Just like God." Oh! What splendour.

 Written by Joy Ogbonnaya

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