Thursday, 22 August 2013

Your Experience dertermines your level of maturity

      Our past is made up of experiences, it should never determine your future but it should guide you towards a better future. Its our past and it should not be found beside or in-front of us. o matter what people say about our past we should never give into it. They have the right to opinions and that's what it is opinions and not the base of our life.

We all look at our past and say i wish i had this or i wish i did this. i tell you, you are not too old to accomplish that dream or to have another dream. just be positive in life and try to be your self.
Using our past wisely shows how mature we are.

So i want you to answer this simple question in the comment box.
....................... is not the accumulation of age but the collection of experience from the past

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