Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Whats love to you

What is LOVE*

In maths- A problem,
in History- A war,
in Chemistry-A reaction, in art - A heart,
in Biology- A disease,
in English- a Speech,
in Literature- A tale,
in Account- An equation,
in Govt- A parliament,
in Commerce- A reproduction,
in Economics- an inflation,
in Mass comm- a Brodcast,
in C.R.k- Jesus,
in I.R.K Allah
in Agric- a seed,
The lazy calls it a responsibility,
Players call it a Game,
The afraid calls it an Illusion,The Busy call it a Distraction,
Those who dont have it call ita Dream,
Those who understand it call it Destiny.
What do you call it???

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